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How Trade Off Denialists Are Ruining Everything

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Evgeny Prigozhin - Dead Man Talking

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Graham Linehan and the Terminal Case of the Edinburgh Fringe

Andy Ngo, Antifa and the Breakdown of American Justice

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Barbie: Misery as Only Feminism Can Deliver

Breaking News: Men Are Attracted to Women

Oppenheimer Review: Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant

Deny, Attack, Accuse - How to Distract the Public From the Debanking Story

Why Communism is Even Worse Than Fascism

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The Eco Loons Are Crazy. But They're Winning.

The Atheism Delusion

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You Can't Change Reality With Words!

There Are No Solutions, Only Trade-Offs

Trans People Aren't Babies

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Decolonising the Countryside and Other News from Year Zero

"You're White - You Can't Write About This" Local Newspaper Tells Comedian

Yes, We Should Teach About Slavery in Schools!

Don't Be a Useful Idiot - Lessons from the Soviet Union

Lies, Damned Lies and Media Coverage

The Battle of Bakhmut and the Prigozhin Psychodrama

Freya India: Are Women Being Brainwashed? And by Whom?

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KK to Bill Maher: "We Must Stop Teaching Our Children to Hate Their Country"

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Dylan Mulvaney Thinks You're Stupid. And He is Right.

Are British Banks Safe From SVB/Credit Suisse -Style Scenarios? - Anonymous Banker

Why I Don't Care If You're Offended

Grooming Gangs - The Media Just Don't Get It

"Russia Needs an Empire! Our Fight for Global Supremacy is NOT Over" - Alexander Dugin

"Russia Must EXPAND to Survive" - Alexander Dugin

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Poll: Article or Podcast on the Man They Call "Putin's Brain"?

Paperback of An Immigrant's Love Letter to the West

If Gary Lineker ACTUALLY Cared About Refugees....

There's No Such Thing as Positive Discrimination

Knife Crime and Punishment

Did Brexit Wreck the City of London? - Anonymous Banker (Volume V)

Did Brexit Wreck the City of London? - Anonymous Banker (Volume IV)

Jordan Peterson & Konstantin Kisin: Why Whining Won't Solve Your Problems

Putin Withdraws Russia from Nuclear Treaty - Speech Summary

Jordan Peterson & Konstantin Kisin: Embrace Your Privilege

The REAL Reason Russians Support Vladimir Putin

Reflections on Dealing With Bad Faith Criticism

Rising Wages: A Sign That Brexit is Working? - Anonymous Banker

Did Brexit Really Shrink the UK Economy? - Anonymous Banker

Do Gloomy IMF Forecasts Prove Brexit Was a Mistake? - Anonymous Banker

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My First Hit Piece - I've Arrived!

The Future is Not Woke or Anti-Woke - It's Post Woke

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