Why Brands Don't Care About Your Outrage

Alternative Title: I Told You So!

In my last piece over the weekend, I said this:

“It is extraordinary that for nearly 7 years now those of us who have expressed concerns about the fact that our institutions have been captured by a woke mindset refuse to understand that our institutions HAVE actually been captured by a woke mindset.

Imagine that you are the head of a marketing department for a major brand. Your company organises routine diversity and inclusion seminars for all staff. Your company donated to BLM. Many of the people with whom you routinely exchange emails have pronouns in their bios. You yourself may or may not be entirely on board with all of it, but no one says anything.

The point is you operate in an environment where, at least on the face of it, Dylan Mulvaney is a hero. The point of “diversity” the way woke people do it is that you must elevate people from “oppressed communities”. The more oppressed they are, the greater your duty to ensure “greater representation”. A petite man who sort of passes as a woman but only enough that you still know “she” is trans is gold dust. “And look, this one’s got a huge audience. Pass me that chequebook”.”

Now watch the video above in which an executive from one of these companies explains the same thing to you, word for word.

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