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In the modern world, the never-ending cycle of news is a direct obstacle to understanding the world and preparing for the future. Anyone who attempts to distract your attention from the cacophony of soundbites and the endless array of decontextualised, emotionally-driven news items will be drowned out by clickbait and trivia.

But the truth is that the declining power of corporate media, radio and television is a product of the fact that we are not buying what they’re selling. There are enough of us who want to understand the tectonic shifts at work beneath the headlines and together we are powerful.

As we increasingly question the mainstream narrative, there is a danger of becoming so untethered from reality that nothing makes sense and everything is suspicious. Whether it’s the woke warriors who think every problem in society is caused by an “ism” or the QAnon nutjobs who see paedolizards around every corner, a new kind of pseudo-religious superstitionism is making a comeback.

Charting a sensible path through these murky waters is a challenge for all of us. The future we live in and bring our children into will be shaped by how we respond to this challenge.

With this newsletter, I will do my part to feel out that path and warn us when we’re drifting astray. By supporting my work here, you are making rational conversations possible again. And if we can do that, everything else follows.


Konstantin Kisin is a writer, social commentator, co-host of TRIGGERnometry and comedian.

He is a regular on British and American TV and radio shows including Question Time, Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, Daily Politics, LBC Cross Question, Tucker Carlson, the Megyn Kelly Show and many others.

Konstantin has written for publications including the Daily Telegraph, the Spectator, Tablet Magazine, Quillette, Standpoint as well as his first book, An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the West.


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Russian-British satirist, social commentator, author of An Immigrant's Love Letter to the West, co-host of TRIGGERnometry.