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The Trap of Free Speech Absolutism

What Rishi Sunak Should Say and Do About the Strikes But Won't

Is the BBC Beyond Saving?

Why Does the Media Keep Ignoring the Twitter Files?

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Don't Be Surprised by Kanye's Anti-Semitism - Thomas Sowell Explains


Tim Pool Shows the World Kanye's True Face

Stop Blaming Qatar for Being Qatar - This is FIFA's Fault

Irresponsible Coverage of Ukraine War Helps No One

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What Putin REALLY Wants

You Won't Stop Climate Change by Consuming Less

Austerity 2.0 is Coming and It's Going to Hurt

Putin Speech: "America Has Nothing to Offer the World Except Domination"

This Isn't About Truss or Rishi: Our Financial Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost

The War in Ukraine Isn't Our Fault and Believing Putin's Lies Won't End It

Defending Joe Rogan, TRIGGERnometry & Myself

The Suicide Cult of the Climate Emergency

John Cleese - Latest Traitor to the Progressive Cause

Wishful Thinking Won't End the War

Putin: "The End of Western Hegemony is INEVITABLE"

My Response to Noah Carl on Ukraine

Ukraine Counter-Attack Explained + What You're Not Hearing From the Mainstream Media

The Big Lie About the "Cost of Living Crisis"

What Was Your Peak Woke Moment?

Ukrainian Counter-Attack Explained:

The Truth About the Jerry Sadowitz Cancellation

The Salman Rushdie attack shows things have got worse, not better

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How the War in Ukraine Might End

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