His first response should have been " watch me, bitch"

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I have no right to judge the editor as I'm not in his shoes. However, each one of these small, seeming insignificant choices add up to a social movement. Unless individuals dig deep to find the courage to fight for our freedom of speech, it will be lost. We all have an important role to play.

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White people.. hellos white people …… we've been doing it all wrong … all of this DEI/ESG wokenati libtard hobo orgy struggle session is really just sinister and devious plot by white people like us to capture and imprint our white supremacy gobbledygook into wokeness … All the Robin D'Angelo scraping broken pottery shards across your racist. Pathetic ashen face… f.or nothing... Because it just makes white people feel better to feel included in the process.... We're just so crafty... So.cunning... We made diversity, equity and inclusion the equivalent of fist bumping Hitler... Or let the tri kappas give us a foot massage.... So ibram x Kandi is a card carrying white supremacist coon... Who is anti Black and whose life mission is advance the mission of white supremacy... Robin D'Angelo... Is Queen Karenbot sassy woke retarded twunt slot... More than Hitler... Definitely more than LBJ, Robert Byrd.. or Jefferson Davis...



There is no endpoint. They made that clear... This is a lifelong mission with zero ending.. zero ability to measure progress.... Zero acknowledgment or encouragement that one is supplicating and cucking themselves... Twisting themselves into contorted shadow demon anti-racist Care bears... It's these race pimps life's mission to make every white person feel like it's pre-1860 US... And all the white's are black... They don't want justice... They want revenge... They want.. no, they demand, for whites to feel as evil and disgusting and atrocious and worthless as they delude themselves into believing we are...

It's disgusting... It's not in any way shape or form sane....

I for one applaud you Paul for proving that they're still some pasty godless souless cave beast iceberg popsicle people out there! That if somehow managed to retain their balls... And still have a bit of steel in their spine... There is no negotiation. There's no amount of placating or groveling or apologizing or supplication ritual cotton candy diarrhea Care Bear demon hobo orgy struggle session that will square this circle... It is a delusional schizophrenic mental force field that has been grafted onto the personas of whole lot of people... Captivated by the siren calls of the race pimps... Tossing water buckets of oppression porn... Onto a rigorously manicured and highly monitored irrigated field of manufactured victimhood....

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May 24, 2023·edited May 24, 2023

What you are experiencing is full-blown MARXISM - except RACE is now being substituted for CLASS. It's what OBAMA wanted - it is his desired 'transformative society'. We're all being controlled by this trope. VERY SAD INDEED.

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"The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenements halls and whispered in the sounds of silence."

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"I wish I had some deeply profound observation about what this means for society but I’m just a comedian so I’ll just sit here and wait for my face paints to arrive, one for each view I am allowed to have."

I know you are being ironic with the above sentence but 'No' Paul - you are a person, irrespective of colour, with your own thoughts, ideas, observations and contexts, which is different in varying degrees to other people. That your local paper chose to censor you I would think would be grounds to quit and find other outlets - but only if there is an alternative. I take it there is no alternative for you. Perhaps you need to be more subtle in your articles- like water dripping on a rock. Over time you can convince more of the paper readers over to your view and hence a change of policy at the paper. After all if the paper does not provide what readers wnat it does not survive - thus it must adapt to reader preferences. Keep fighting the good fight.

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