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Hi Konstantin, happy NY to you. You asked what we’d like to see more of... I for one would appreciate a little bit of comedy on top of all the other delicious, nutritious stuff. A lot of the subject matter can be quite grim, from a sane person’s point of view, and I know you like to throw the off gag into your essays. But since you are a celebrated comedian, adding a bit of your comedy dedicated to the matter in hand would be really cool. Best wishes and hopes for a magnificent and more rational 2023.

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Happy New Year to you and yours. I’ve been an avid listener of Triggernometry for a long time, and fairly new to your Substack content. Its excellent.

I bought my elderly father an iPad last year. The “wireless” was always his go-to media choice, so you can imagine how delighted he is to discover podcasts. Thanks for keeping him company and entertaining him. Best to you and your team in 2023.

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More from the Anonymous Banker, please and time to check out what schools are doing to our kids. Nicholas will be in school before you know it, and kids really have a way of making one reflect on things…

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Hi Konstantin, it’s not really your main focus but I would honestly be interested to hear more about what life was like in the late stage Soviet Union, from your own memories or things your elders have told you (appreciate you were only born at the tail end of it!). “Literal Communism “ seems to be such a fashionable political identity to espouse these days amongst the privileged middle classes of the US and UK. I don’t think the vast majority of the young people who espouse this stance really have any idea what it was actually like for ordinary people. It’s quite rare for us in the West to hear testimony of ordinary life from people who actually lived it (as opposed to people like Solzhenitsyn whose work is obviously incredibly valuable but he wasn’t an ordinary working person). Also, time moves on and soon the generations that lived under Soviet will pass and all those oral histories will become harder to access. So, yeah, maybe if you were willing to talk about your memories and those of your parents and grandparents of ordinary life, especially media and youth culture - I for one would find that fascinating.

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Happy New Year since about five hours ago to you and yours.

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Thought he was going to say it was your final post ever for a second! My heart sank! Glad it’s not!!!

Would love an in-depth look at how transgenderism is becoming like a new religion & how it’s funded, (Jennifer Bilek has done some amazing work on the latter). I fully appreciate there are some with severe gender dysphoria but I feel not enough attention is being given by the media as to how Stonewall has pushed its way in to every major organisation from the BBC, the NHS, charities, even the government. I know there is space for a level headed, in-depth view on this that isn’t at all “bigoted” and it’s certainly not a hate crime to ask some much needed serious questions. Just wish the media would think so. That’s where we need “Kisin on the Case!” I know you E touched upon it all before...but there is just.so.much to cover. So many areas. Such as...

• Women’s rights

• Consequences of self ID

• Funding by powerful US business families

• Women’s sports

• Women’s prisons

• Drawing a line between what is actually hate & what is not on the subject

• Reasons/influences for transgender identities such as AGP, autism, social outcasts, bullied children, childhood trauma, gender dysphoria, sexual abuse, gay/lesbian & so on.

• Political reasons

• Transgenderism as a new religion

• Involvement of schools & the introduction of this idea of a “gendered identity,”

• Surgeries on minors (mostly applicable to US)

• Gender GP clinic in UK - both partners (husband and wife) have both been in court

• LGBTQ+ as a 3.7 trillion dollar org.

• Stonewall (that’s months of work just in itself!)

There’s just so much to cover. That’s only scratching the surface! Would love a dedicated mini series on it from you similar to Stephen Nolan’s piece on Stonewall.

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Happy New Year, KK! And a big thanks right back. Enjoying your substack and loved your book. Genuinely happy to see what you accomplished in 2022 and what's to come this year. Cheers!

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Happy New Year to you, your family, and all listeners. I joined this year following your translations/paraphrases of Putin's speeches. More of the same, and of the Russian views on, and justifications for, the war, would be splendid. I'm presently hoovering up everything by Orlando Figes. I hope I have chosen well..

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