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A good read Konstantin. Thank you.

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Talk about an inferiority complex…

No mention of the aid, technology and democracy the west has exported to the rest of the world. Funnily no mention of the Russian serfdom (slavery), holodomor, gulags and the Soviet Union’s export and support for communist regimes which were a disaster for most countries affected. Every country has blood on their hands? Also no mention of the $180 billion in lend lease US provided the Soviet Union in WW2. Weird.

What is starting to grind my gears is that both the far left and far right in the west are now committed to undermining ourselves. The far left via all the usual means and the far right has lost all patriotism and is now conspiratorial and contrarian. Look at how quick all the MAGAs came out to say US blew up Nordstream, playing straight into Putins hands.

Putin can have his multi polar world he just might be suprised how few countries voluntarily join his.

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Yes Putin always makes amazing speeches that i fully agree with, yet Russia as far as i can see has HAARP bases and is part of the geoengineering programme, fully embraced the COVID jab scam and is part of the Rothschild central banking cartel... how does one square that with this amazing speech?

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Konstantin, interesting to see The Duran’s analysis on Putin’s speech and also their on Russia vs Ukraine/The Collective West, which is 180 different to Western MSM and Gvts…


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