I don't care of someone said they think some words of yours are melodramatic... I actually like it. Well made points.

The west is like a rich household where the adults are gone and divorced, stuck in their pleasure zone... While the kids nihilisticly try to find meaning and destroy themselves and the house, because f*ck them, and them, and the other them, and us with our pleasure zones.

Once the society inevitably goes south and becomes dangerous, that other kid the rich household kids learned to look down on, the kid of a father never returned from a horrible war somewhere, suddenly becomes a potential useful protector, as the kid seems to see it coming and prepared accordingly... Eventually the kid will get his kidneys stolen but for a moment he may be useful... For a moment, are we useful?

Don't know where I was going with this, but I'm not sorry...

We did say it will get worse before it gets better... Some of us naively thinking it would be less painful...

Thanks Konstantin,

Take care of yourself and yours.


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Many are trying to bury the hatchet, but unfortunately it's in the back of Christians and western civilization. Western leaders presently are weak bought WEF acolytes without morals or conscience.

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I read your book when it was published. This passage frightened me then, because I knew you were right.

Two years later, it is more frightening, because most people still don’t know the tomb has been opened nor have they realized how horrible its contents.

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Melodramatic indeed. But these times require a little melodic colouring around the already existing drama. Makes it, in a sense, easier to comprehend, to understand and, hopefully, to counteract.

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Mr Blinken I presume?

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So good.

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